Play in first person as a struggling and independent detective from London, who is challenged to solve strange and hilariously unbelievable murder cases in order to keep their detective service afloat.

Prepare to search through crime scenes, the victims and their belongings to find puzzles and clues to help you solve the case; you really can’t leave any stone unturned. While also enjoying the non-seriousness that murder mysteries usually are not. However, we should warn you as you reveal more of the surprising storyline it may make you think “what the f*** game developers”!

Watch the video below to get a sneak peak at what’s to come! And read more about the games aspects below too.

Game Aspects

Explore character’s rooms and search through their belongings

Where would you keep something hidden in a room and what is it you’re hiding? Think outside the box and search in places no one would think of looking to discover clues. Finding hidden object will teach you about a character and help you unravel the mystery.

Solve puzzles to find clues

Fill up your clue book with clues you find as you explore rooms, solving puzzles in each room that reveals shocking information.

We can’t really tell you much about the puzzles because… well… we haven’t made them yet. However, what we can do is tell you about our inspiration for the puzzles.

I don’t like games that try to hold your hand and tell you exactly where to go when solving a puzzle, I think that doesn’t give you enough credit. Outer Wilds is a great puzzle game that has no arrows telling the player where to go but leaves subtle clues leading them to the next clue, which will slowly evolve into a larger storyline.  This is what our game is going to be like with environmental puzzles that force the player to think but are very rewarding once solved.

Learn about the characters

Using the profile book, learn brief information about each character to get you started.

It’s like Tinder profiles, look at their photos, read their bio, learn a little about them before you meet, but in this case they might be a murderer…which actually…isn’t really different to Tinder in real life, stay safe singletons.

Read through characters phones and computers

Find out the key which unlocks character’s devices and if they are hiding anything. Using this to figure out character relationships, secrets and about important memories to reveal the storyline.